The Big Boy Live

The Big Boys

The Big Boys were the largest steam locomotive ever built and had both tremendous size and power.  Eight of them survive with seven of them being on display in various venues and condition.  The 4014 has been under restoration for five years now with the goal of having running under its own power in 2019.  We have visited the shops in Cheyenne where this restoration is being done and it makes any automotive restoration pale in comparison.  

The slide show below shows our 2018 journey to visit all eight surviving Big Boys.  Starting with an extended RV trip we saw 4023 in Omaha, moving on to 4006 in St. Louis and the 4017 in Green Bay.  The 4005 was at the Forney Museum in Denver in our own backyard.  Next was a trip to Cheyenne to see the 4014 and the 4004 of which both were under restoration but we got exclusive access behind the scenes to get our pictures.  A flight to Pennsylvania and drive to Scranton brought us to 4012 along with a wonderful tour of several other railroad museums in the state.  Finally a quick trip to Frisco Texas and the 4018 which was great fun because we got to climb all over that one