The McCourt Clan

The Irish Migration

In 1845 Ireland was still dealing with the potato famine (well at least the Catholics were).  John McCourt (McCort and McCord are alternate spellings) decided that America was a better prospect and moved here with his wife Sarah and their three children, James Jr, Barney and Sarah (sic).  Note the spelling as even in the family bible that James' son James Jr. handed down the spelling went back and fourth. Even though it says he is the second generation he was born in Ireland near The Rock, County Tyrone in 1835. 

James Jr. born 1854 worked the farm in Ohio until ~1884 when he headed to Garden City Kansas and then ended up in Colorado in 1894.  A year later my Grandmother Ethel was born in Pueblo.  James apparently had rheumatic fever when he was young and passed away January of 1901 of a "rheumatic heart" at the age of 46.

Ethel was quite the beauty and spent much time with her older sister Augusta in Oklahoma.  Her exploits and escapades are very well documented there by a large number of photographs in the archives.  Some are included below .  Somehow (i suspect mother Mary had something to do with it) Ethel met Martin Meyer, son of a well to do farmer and entrepreneur,  in sunny Paxton NE and after a short engagement married.  They had three children (another passed at birth) and my mother Norma was the second of those.